Eat 1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda Daily and This Happens to Your Kidneys!


When it comes to proper treatment of damaged kidney, knowing the underlying cause of the damage is crucial.You need to determine what causes the damage in the first place and understand the conventional methods used for kidney damage treatment.

By doing so, you will be able to recognize the difference between those treatments and the one based on sodium bicarbonate.

The ability of our body to use the food we consume heavily depends on how dissolved into chemicals that food is. This is enabled by the production of enzymes and hormone, products of the endocrine system. The pancreas protects our kidneys during the process of digestion, by producing the major part of sodium bicarbonate. Oftentimes, the kidneys produce higher amounts of this enzyme, depending on the food we consume. For instance, if our diet is based on sugars, fat, and unhealthy foods, both kidneys and pancreas can become overloaded. Consequently, they produce less sodium bicarbonate. The lack of sodium bicarbonate (the one that neutralizes the acids during digestion) has detrimental effects on the kidneys. In addition, it can cause damage to other organs as well, which trigger a rapid aging process in adults.

According to a study which investigated the effects of baking soda on kidney stones, this common ingredient can be extremely beneficial and it can slow down the progress of kidney stones. The study was conducted by Royal London Hospital and it also showed that baking soda can help patients undergoing dialysis. Moreover, the patients would no longer need this treatment.

The kidneys produce sodium bicarbonate on their own, and this is what keeps them in shape. Normally, lower levels of sodium in the body force the kidneys to compensate them by producing more. But, if the kidneys are unable to produce enough sodium or they fail in transferring it into the urine, the sodium will enter the bloodstream and make blood overly acidic. Even though acidic blood can be a sign of other diseases too, it is usually a sign of kidney failure. In cases like this, when the kidneys are damaged they are unable to remove the acid from the blood. However, once they start functioning normally, the sodium is transferred to the urine and the blood becomes normal, too.

This study targeted patients who undergoing dialysis and it provided amazing results. The patients were given sodium bicarbonate as an addition to the dialysis which noted a significant slowing down of the kidney failure. The study itself lasted for about 2 years, and by its end, only 6.5% of the patients still needed dialysis, which is remarkable if we take into consideration the fact that over 33 % of the patients needed dialysis before.

The oral consumption of baking soda provides numerous health benefits because when it is combined with dialysis it increases its effectiveness and it works into the bloodstream. It neutralizes the acids from our foods, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and sulfur and it also prevents the kidneys from getting burned.

In addition to this, baking soda can help in the treatment of other diseases, too. It has been proven effective in the treatment of chemical and toxins overdose. Amazingly, it has been shown that baking soda is very beneficial in cancer patients who fight the side effects from chemotherapy.

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Initially, during the first day of the treatment, take ½ a tsp of baking soda and let it dissolve in your mouth. The following days, dissolve 1 tsp of soda and ½ tsp of table salt into 1.5 liters water.

Note: It is important to understand that the consumption of unhealthy food and leading an unhealthy lifestyle negative affect the overall health, not only the kidneys.

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