The Lost Book of Remedies is an online guide that has a number of herbal remedies to get rid of your health issues.This Book helps in healing the ailments naturally and also to preserve the traditional practices.

Claude Davis and Nicole Apelian are the authors of this special herbal remedy program that consists of different varieties of herbs and plants.

All the ingredients mentioned can be grown in the backyard and can be used at times of preparation.

The Lost Book of Remedies helps to improve the health condition with the natural traditional health cure. It offers several benefits for health and it can replace the modern medical kit.

The program might help you to treat the ailments from the root and gives better results.

Since the treatment is natural there are no side effects as reported.

It works in a short span and also contains remedies for a severe disease like cancer and tumor.

It is completely natural and you can find ingredients like Angry Bear Paw, Red Beak Powder, Berries of the Hawthorn tree, and many others.

It may treat cuts, wounds, and pain naturally.

Also, the incredible program will teach you the methodology of growing the herbs in your home.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies was shared on Face the Current (FtC) Magazine, a global lifestyle publication covering content in international travel, culture & arts, music, sports & fitness, and health with title: Survive and Thrive with Dr. Nicole Apelian: Recovering ‘Lost’ Herbal Remedies. 

 There are 3 major sections included in the program of this book

Part #1

 You’ll learn how to prepare a remedy to treat your problem.

Part #2

 It consists of tips to protect you from health crises like asthma, common cold, wheezing, and more.

Part #3

 Here you’ll find a list of beneficial species to detoxify your body and prevent viral infections.


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 Customer named Doc Washburn - St. Louis MO: "The lost book of Remedies is by far one of my better books. The book is very well written."

 A customer named KGSLC: " Very valuable reference work for every family"

 A customer named Jose said that: "Great book!"

 A customer named Lynn Young said that: "The Real Deal "

 A customer named Ladyhawk14 said that: "What a Gem!!"

A customer named dustyn mannel

 A customer named BlackBelt said that:" This is an important must-have book"

 Customer named Kris said: "Very Disappointed"

But another customer named HomeinPaxton said that: "A thorough update by Dr. Nicole Apelian - a 'must have' for my book shelf!"

 Customer named Home Body said: "Premium price for a cheaply made book"

 But the opposite of what "Home Body" said. A customer named Nicholas said that: "Wonderful information! Great book! Has plenty of information on multiple remedies." He has posted a video of the book he has just received, in fact, the quality of each page is not what "Home Body" said. Let's take a look at the video.

 Customer's name Nannette said that: "Don't believe the negative reviews!"

All thing above is a summary of the reviews on We can see that, although there are still negative reviews, it only accounts for 7%, the remaining 93% are positive reviews about this book. Those are the objective reviews of buyers.

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